MFT Sauce & Rub Company

We recently finished a website development project for an up & coming business in Garden City called My Family Tradition. These guys are producing some of the best bbq sauces and dry rubs that we’ve ever tasted! They have a range of flavors & spiciness (from Mild to Chocolate Raspberry to Xtra-Hot) that your whole family can enWeb Design Boisejoy. Once you’ve tried these products, you’ll never go back to to the plain old BBQ sauces and rubs you’re used to buying!

The list of locations that you can purchase their products from is growing daily. They sell their products at Whole Foods, Rosauers, Natural Grocer, Atkinsons, Boise Co-op and several other locations throughout Idaho, Washington & Oregon. If you’d like to see all of the locations where they’re selling their products, check out their “Where to Buy” page on Facebook OR purchase their products through their website, which is conveniently linked to BBQ Toolbox for checkout!